You Know There is a Little Person in Your House When…

When you are pregnant, it becomes really irritating that those friends and family with children constantly tell you to ‘enjoy the peace’, ‘get as much sleep as you can’ and ‘to go out as often as you like now because you won’t be able to when the baby is here’. It becomes very annoying after hearing this for the hundredth time – you know that your world is going to turn upside down after all everyone keeps telling you …

The reality is nothing and no-one can really prepare you for this life changing event. You know there is a little person in your house when…

  1. You can never go to the bathroom alone.
  2. You have to microwave your cup of tea three times before you get to drink it.
  3. You hide the latest Julia Donaldson favourite because you can’t face reading it yet again for the 1000th time!
  4. When asked what your favourite TV programme is you automatically struggle to decide between Peppa Pig and Thomas The Tank Engine.
  5. When you keep the bathroom bin and toilet paper purposely on the bathroom counter rather than in their respective places.
  6. When you have washed the same load of washing for the last three days because you keep forgetting to empty it.
  7. You can’t eat anything by yourself – you always have to demonstrate ‘good sharing’.
  8. You see a dog and say ‘woof woof’ … even when your child isn’t with you.
  9. When you battle and struggle for 20 minutes to get them dressed and turn your back for one second to find they are stark naked.
  10. 7.05am is considered a lie-in.
  11. You know that laughter and hysteria is quickly followed by tears.
  12. You count the minutes to 7pm and once they are asleep you feel guilty for doing so.
  13. The dental hygenist appointment is a nice chance to have a lie down.
  14. You realise you didn’t need to buy any toys … the kitchen bin would have sufficed.
  15. You hear a baby crying and immediately your body starts swaying and rocking.
  16. You always have a packet of wet wipes at arm’s reach whether you’re at home or out and about.
  17. When you spend an entire evening making nutritious and appealing food to see it pushed away with little voice demanding ‘cheese sandwich’.
  18. Satisfaction is learning the art of putting a nappy on standing to avoid battles with a wriggling toddler.
  19. You are worried by the sound of silence.
  20. You find yourself playing ‘Peekaboo’ between every mouthful at dinner in the hope they giggle, open their mouth and eat!


What was your defining moment when you realised life had changed?