One, Two or Three Plus…

Your first baby is born… they are your universe, your world and nothing else matters. Immaculately presented, free from milk or dribble stains they look like a ‘picture perfect’ baby.

Baby number two arrives – you have a sense of overwhelming love for both your children … yet inevitably you divide your attention in two (ok let’s be honest – child number 1 definitely demands far more of your time than your newborn making it an 80:20 split far more appropriate) but you do try.

Pregnancy & Photos
Being pregnant with your first child – you take photos week in and week out of your ever expanding stomach and proudly share it with the world. Your precious baby arrives and a photo captures their every breath, slight movement and those all important milestones. Being pregnant with number two you shy away from the camera – no longer this glowing pregnant woman who has time for exercise, yoga, pilates and mid afternoon naps you now resemble an exhausted if not bedraggled mother running around after your energetic toddler. Baby number two finally arrives … you try so hard to take photos but seem to forget before being consumed with guilt so over compensate by snapping away for the next 24 hours before you ‘forget’ again….and so they cycle continues.

Handbag Effect
Child number 2 is often likened to being your handbag – transported everywhere you go from child number 1’s nursery drop off, playdates, swimming lessons and the list goes on. Can you really imagine taking child number 1 to soft play aged 4 weeks old? Not in a million years, the thought of exposing your newborn to all those germs would have made your stomach turn.  With child number 2 … you don’t even have the time to register that fact – it just happens.

Sibling Behaviour
Child number 1 was cradled so preciously from the moment they entered the outside world – child number 2 has to deal with over affectionate cuddles which in reality are not dissimilar from being smothered or sat on from the second they arrive.

When child number 1 cried as a baby we rushed to their side immediately. When child number 2 cries – we look over and assess before even thinking about moving. Night time crying is an interesting one – you rush to feed your baby so much quicker 2nd time around in fear that they might wake child number 1 up!!

Child number 1 received a complete wardrobe change upon the smallest dribble or milk stain. At best child number 2 is cleaned up with a packet of baby wipes and at worst wipes themselves off on other parts of their clothing (or their mum’s clothing)!

If child number 2 is your handbag then from what I’ve been told child number 3 is likened to being an extra limb. We can’t personally comment from experience – we can only imagine …  Irrespective of whether your newborn is child 1, 2, 3 or 3+ they deserve to be spoiled with beautiful baby gifts (more so if child 2, 3 or 3+ due to the inevitable ‘hand me downs’)!!

Whether they are child 1, 2 or 3 make sure you spoil that special newborn baby.