Summer Holiday Activities

The Summer Holidays starts next week and the thought of entertaining your children for the whole summer can sometimes be a daunting one, especially if you have a toddler or preschooler, and you need to keep them entertained. The Peekaboo Baby Company are here to help with some summer activity ideas for the home.

What better way to keep your toddler(s) entertained through making a simple recipe. With a few simple ingredients your children can have huge amounts of fun whilst they learn about numbers, weights, textures, ingredients, new tastes and healthy eating …not to mention the squeals of enjoyment as they lick the bowl and eat the goodies!!!

Instead of opening the lid of the playdoh, what better way to get involved with your children and actually make the playdoh. It’s cheaper and is an activity in itself so why not let them get their hands dirty and create lots of different colours. It’s also a great bonding session for them and for you to do these activities together!

Mini Disco
Kids love dancing, parties and running around, so put on some music and get them to create their favourite moves! Not only will it keep them entertained but it is also a fun and creative way to get them exercising their muscles and ensuring you get a good night’s sleep that evening wink. If your toddlers like to dress up, why not get some fancy dress costumes out and have a party with lots of magical characters!

Children love gardening as much as cooking. From getting dirty by digging in the mud to planting and best of all watering this activity can bring huge smiles to their little faces!! It can be their responsibility to remember and help water the plants daily which gives them a great deal of satisfaction. There are lots of fun ideas for gardening with plants, flowers and seeds!

Children love picnics so why not get them to help you make a picnic and go to your local park or garden and invite their friends!! Better still take their favourite teddies along too and make it a ‘Teddy Bear’s Picnic’! If you have babies our bibs and muslins may be useful for this occasion!

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What plans do you have for your children this summer? We want to hear your ideas!

Most importantly, remember to HAVE FUN!! xxx