A Child’s Favourite Colour

Each child is different but generally at around the age of two or three toddlers start recognising and naming their colours. However even before this age they may start to take a preference towards a certain colour.

Initially you might think it is so #cute. There are even some huge advantages of having a favourite colour. Let’s assume that the toddler’s favourite colour is green – green pasta sauce is absolutely full of green vegetables (and tons of them) yet they are wolfed down with gusto!  It actually makes the purchase of some items easier:
You need to buy wellies – you choose green
You need to stock up on playdoh – you choose green
You need to buy children’s crockery and cutlery – you choose green

Toddlers also use colours as a way of identifying other’s personalities. At a playdate, a mummy was wearing yellow jumper and before you know it that mummy’s favourite colour is yellow (and always will be). Every time the toddler sees yellow, this particular mummy is mentioned!

However, it isn’t all plain sailing …the truth is many parents have been faced with a dilemma of trying to find an item in your toddler’s favourite colour. One of the great pieces of advice about moving a toddler from a cot into a bed is to take them shopping, get them to choose their own bedding, get the toddler very excited and hopefully this lovely shopping trip is the start of a smooth transition. What happens if there is no green bedding to be found … an exasperated mummy, a grumpy toddler who would rather be at soft play and no acceptable duvet cover!  Cue endless searches on the internet, excitement as a green George Pig cover flashes across the screen, dismay as it has been out of stock for the last six months.  Finally a green duvet with footballs appears, a quick purchase to buy 3 of the same whilst hoping the black and white footballs don’t detract from the idea of a ‘green duvet’!

A favourite colour can actually ‘make or break’ an outing … as an example a children’s birthday party! Imagine parents breathing a sigh of relief as there is a green balloon taped to the door to avoid the inevitable tantrums. Next stop the entertainer hands out a shaker so all the children can join in (cue potential tantrum if there isn’t a ‘green’ one). Next party game they all have to stand on a coloured circle – the entertainer by this point actually directs the toddler towards a green one … clearly everyone in the room now understands that this toddler’s favourite colour (and slight obsession) is green and for the parent’s sanity 

We excitedly told our toddler this morning that we had just booked a holiday – to which his eyes lit up “oooooh mummy I’m going to have lots of green ice lollies” Here’s hoping that on our holiday destination they sell lime flavoured ice lollies …. or we are in trouble 😉
What is your child’s favourite colour?



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