10 Words That Have Different Meanings Since Becoming Parents

It is clearly an understatement when parents say that having a baby changes their life! We have identified 10 words which take on a different meaning once that gorgeous bundle of mischief arrives in your life!!!


What it meant pre children: A lovely relaxing meal eaten at a leisurely pace

What it means now: Sharing your meal with your toddler, eating it cold once baby and toddler’s needs are satisfied





What it meant pre children: ‘The world is our oyster’ – able to travel wherever we can afford. Planning involves arranging our outfits and shoes for the 14 days of the holiday duration as well as ensuring we have enough books to read.

What it means now: Holiday is booked around shortest flight time, airline chosen for flexibility on baggage allowance, accommodation selected on space for cots and buggies. Six months planning required to ensure enough nappies, wipes, snacks, toys, childrens outfits, endless amounts of medication for ‘all scenarios’ are packed. The children have two suitcases whilst your clothes end up in a tiny holdall.




Date Night
What it meant pre children: What you do on a Saturday night

What it means now: What you do on a Saturday night every other month after paying £50 before you have left the house for a babysitter and leaving countless instructions




What it meant pre children: A quick trip round a few shops as efficiently as possible

What it means now: An entire morning’s activity, feeding your toddler snacks and letting them actively take part in pushing the trolley throughout to prevent any tantrums whilst praying your baby doesn’t have a nappy explosion!


What it meant pre children: When you go to sleep

What it means now: An elongated routine that takes at least 45 minutes from bedtime milk,  brushing of teeth, reading at least one bedtime story and answering endless questions about the same story again and again. Bedtime cuddles and kisses. Switching the light off only to hear that your toddler needs the toilet. Answering questions about what you will be eating for dinner and the next day’s activities before finally telling them to “Go to sleep!”


What it meant pre children: A long hot bubble bath

What it means now: The daily task of washing your toddler, avoiding the huge splashes they create with their huge range of rubber ducks, boats, teasets and so on. Each day provides a new challenge from the toddler screaming as you wash their hair to refusing to get out of the bath!



What it meant pre children: A relaxed night out with friends, without a care in the world, likely to end around 2am – likely to involve the consumption of alcohol

What it means now: Trying to contain 30 screaming children running around the local village hall, fuelled by sugar and shouting the words to ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes. Involves weeks of meticulous planning from entertainment and food to the contents of the party bags!





What it meant pre children: Your parents

What it means now: Wonderful individuals who you happily hand over your children to for a couple of hours to regain sanity






Me’ time
What it meant pre children: A shopping trip with the girls or a gym session

What it means now: A quick escape to the toilet for FIVE precious minutes







What it meant pre children: Affection

What it means now: There are no words to describe how much overwhelming affection you have for your child




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Let us know what word has changed it’s meaning most to you since becoming a parent…


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