The Truth About Naming Your Baby


Squeals of delight as you announce your pregnancy to your friends is often met with reciprocal excitement and the question of “ooooh I wonder if it’s a boy or a girl” shortly followed by “ have you thought of names?” Some people have chosen their names the second they saw their positive pregnancy test whilst others actually meet their bundle of joy and still have yet to choose a name.
Some choose to name their child based on the meaning of a name, others may simply have adored a name since childhood themselves whilst some will name after a family member. Either way parent’s don’t get a second chance to name their baby so this is a pretty important first decision to make (especially since we don’t get to choose our own).
Prior to being pregnant, many of us found discussing names with our partners funny and exciting as we revealed to each other the names we have adored since childhood and envisaged calling our own offspring.  In reality, this happens for very few of us! Once you are pregnant and your due date looms nearer, the need to decide on a name becomes pressurised and this excitement tends to fade into the background. All of a sudden the foetus has aged 20 years as you work through their childhood and wonder whether that cute name you adore now will work once they are adults.
Surnames can tend to get in the way of favourite first names as the two put together may not work well.  Men in particular seem to be fascinated with certain combinations of first and second names of colleagues or clients they have met …. always keen to share those that sound rude or those with famous names whilst laughing away!
Parents to be have a choice of category when it comes to naming their children:

  • Classic
  • Modern
  • Unique

As a parent you can’t always help what the latest trends are or the names that may become famous in the future. There will always be some who don’t like the name you pick and others who pick the identical name as you. Just pick a name that you cherish and hopefully your baby will love it too!  Here are the Top 10 Names for 2014:


Harry Amelia
Oliver Olivia
Jack Jessica
Charlie Emily
Jacob Lily
Thomas Ava
Alfie Mia
Riley Isla
William Sophie
James Isabella

What are your favourite names?


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